I'll help you achieve VIBRANT ENERGY and FINALLY reach your HEALTHIEST WEIGHT with the BACK TO YOU METHOD™!

☎️ If you're the right fit for the BACK TO YOU METHOD™ together we will:


✅ Create your custom action plan for transforming from a neverending state of burnout and exhaustion to waking up refreshed, energized, and ready to take on your busy day, all while experiencing incredible confidence in yourself and your body.


✅ Walk through our innovative Back To You Method™ that helps you finally feel like yourself again while you rewire your mind for better stress resilience, emotional stability, and the ability to handle whatever life throws your way.


✅ Identify and overcome the main reason you are still experiencing low energy, mental exhaustion, or trouble sleeping, and get an action plan for getting out of burnout and getting the energy and emotional strength to tackle your demanding days

The Back To You Method™ isn't about ❌ protocols, ❌ plans, or numbers on a scale...


The Back To You Method™ is...


✔️ Freedom from hating your body... to finally feeling at home in your body.

✔️ Freedom from being easily triggered... to being in complete control of your emotions.

✔️ Freedom from being exhausted... to having the energy to do the life-giving activities you actually want to do.

✔️ Freedom from feeling like you have to put everyone else’s needs first as a lifelong people pleaser... to being seen and heard and speaking your voice with confidence.

✔️ Freedom from tossing and turning all night, replaying the events of the day and the worries of tomorrow... to ACTUALLY get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

✔️ Freedom from running yourself ragged, feeling obligated to say yes to everyone... to FINALLY saying yes to YOURSELF!


All of this is possible for you with The Back To You Method™


If you’ve spent the last 15-20 years of your life focusing on everyone else - your spouse, your kids, your boss, your community, even your aging parents…


It’s time for you to stop putting yourself last and to finally give yourself the time, attention, and focus you deserve to step into the most energized, vibrant, and powerful version of yourself.


It’s time for your comeback story! Let’s do this together!


Hi! I'm Holly! 🤗 I'm your Midlife Comeback Coach.

My 35th high school reunion is this year. How can that be when, in my head, I still believe I'm 35?

The reality is... we aren't getting younger.

BUT... we don't have to look or feel our age.

Let me ask you a question... if you were to take a photo of yourself 6 months from now, what would you want it to look like?

Would you want to look at the photo and see joy, radiance, and self-confidence shining through, even when life was throwing curveballs at you?

I’m proof that it’s possible.

This photo was taken in spring 2023, 4 months after my marriage ended. It was a random photo taken on my phone. It's not some professional photo shoot where I'm looking all fancy and the photo gets touched up.

This was me on a 2-hour hike in Sedona, after healing myself from debilitating chronic fatigue.

The reality is that I'm 15 pounds heavier than when I was a competitive athlete. 


Physically. 🌟 Emotionally. 🌟 Spiritually.

The Back To You Method™ isn't about following a crazy diet and exercise plan to lose a bunch of weight or get a 6-pack.

The Back To You Method™ is about finding THIS again for yourself. 👉 YOU 👈

Aging backward, eating healthier, loving your body (even the jiggles), loving yourself, 🥰 and embodying your next level of inner peace and happiness... no matter what life throws at you.

That’s what The Back To You Method™ is all about, and you’re invited to experience this transformation for yourself. Book your call now, and let’s chat about how YOU want to be experiencing life in 6 months!