Grumpy to Grateful 5-Day Mini Challenge - LIVE! 

Chronic illness got you down? It's time to activate your gratitude practice so that you can get over the hump, get out of the funk, and stop being a grump! Oh and there's chocolate involved - fist bump!

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February 14 - 18!

In this Grumpy to Grateful 5-Day Mini Challenge, I'll guide you through easy exercises and baby steps that will give you small results* to help boost your confidence and give you the foundation for a lifetime of gratitude. 


 *PS - YES! - You read that correctly... I actually said "SMALL RESULTS" and there is a BIG reason why this works. More on that closer to the challenge!

You will learn:

➡ How to build a gratitude practice so that it's 100% ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

➡ How to incorporate your own religion, faith, or spirituality into your gratitude practice so that you can bridge the gap and draw closer to your creator.

One daily habit to implement so that your gratitude practice becomes second nature.

➡ The 20-second 🤯 mind-blown concept that will forever change the way you view gratitude, even if you're convinced it's never worked for you before and/or that it's not for you.

➡ Journaling for optimal gratitude - and what to do even if you don't like hate to journal.

➡ Plus so much more!

Why is it that when chronic illness hits, whether it's cancer, autoimmune, or another type of health challenge... it's not as simple as taking a pill and everything is fine?

For most women, it's not just the diagnosis - your entire world gets turned upside down - not getting answers you need, doctors being dismissive, strained relationships, a mountain of medical bills... not to mention... trying to keep your life and family as normal as possible while battling fatigue, pain, migraines, walking farts and more!

Well hey there sunshine!

My name is Holly Bertone and I help women view their chronic illness as a gift and unwrap resilience using a proven method to build fortitude with gratitude.

And here is something I know to be true. No one ever asked for their lives to be blindsided by a chronic illness. And I don’t need to tell you, when you feel exhausted and defeated, you can’t get back to feeling like your old self again.

So the question is… how do you find your unique path to a grateful, purposeful life after it’s been disrupted by a chronic illness, you’ve completely lost control, and your new reality is now drenched in fear and anxiety?

In my experience, gratitude is THE BEST WAY to build resilience, strength, and fortitude after health challenges shatter your world.


Yes, I did promise you chocolate!

When you register for the Grumpy to Grateful 5-Day Mini Challenge, you will receive your FREE 12 Days of Chocolate and Gratitude eBook.

Enjoy 12 super delicious, gluten free, dairy-free and low-sugar chocolate recipes paired with daily gratitudes and affirmations...

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➡ Aunt Dot's infamous peanut butter balls redux

➡ ... and more!

Transform Your Life Like These Previous Program Attendees!

"For the first time, I don't feel alone."

"Thank you. I was so happy I cried. I've been dealing with these health issues for 5 years. I feel like, for the first time, someone actually understands and gets it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For the first time, I don't feel alone. Thank you for helping others - it really makes a difference!"


"I'm so glad I found you!"

“I have just been stuck. Add all of the health challenges and I just feel frozen. You are the reason I’m now feeling that I don’t have to be stuck. I’m so glad I found you!”


"Learning is fun and personal."

“Your inspirational and conversational approach is more enjoyable to me as learning is fun and personal.”


*all testimonials respect health privacy*



I'm grateful you asked!



Survivor ~ Army Wife ~ Best Selling Author

🤗 Hello, my new friend! I'm Holly Bertone! I've been given the gift of being a breast cancer and Hashimoto’s survivor. My superhero power is sharing how gratitude builds fortitude... and knowing every lyric to every 80's song ever made (Duran Duran and Culture Club are my FAVES).

After spending 25 years rising through the ranks of consulting and federal government service, my failing health shattered my corporate dreams.

Thankfully, I’m honoring these changes as a gift and found renewed purpose as a Gratitude Coach and Wellness Consultant.

I’m the CEO and Founder of Fortitude.Academy and the health and wellness website where I help women view their chronic illness as a gift and unwrap resilience using a proven method to build fortitude with gratitude. You may have seen me on TV and radio segments, articles, podcasts, and summits AND... #bucketlist... my book on the #1 spot on Amazon.

In my free time, I love to garden, and hit flea markets to find cool vintage treasures like dresses from the 40's and 50's or WWI trench art. I'm married to a retired Green Beret, I'm a Stepmother, Pug Mamma, and live in Alexandria, VA.

I'm so excited that you joined the Grumpy to Grateful 5-Day Mini challenge because it shows your desire to take your wellness journey seriously -  and make real, lasting changes. 

This challenge is designed to give you the confidence to lead a life of gratitude. 

So let's go! You've got this!

love. hugs. inspire.