Episode 4: Understanding Your Success Path to Gratitude

Does it seem like every time you make progress with gratitude and gain some positivity in your life, something negative happens, and then it’s one step forward, two steps back? Or even though you try your best to be grateful, the negative moods and actions of others seem to bring you down?

I hear this so often in my community and is the #1 reason why individuals with some type of chronic illness – cancer, autoimmune, or other health challenges – love the concept of gratitude, but struggle to get it to stick.

Let me ask you something…

Your health journey, in general, isn’t linear, is it? When you are working on improving your nutrition, getting better sleep, moving more, doing all the things… do you see constant improvement every single day without any kind of dip? No. In fact, even if your health is steadily getting better over time, you are still going to experience those peaks and valleys along the way.

So why should your journey with gratitude be any different?

In this video, I break down an overview of your success path to gratitude. And we’ll be diving into each of these levels in more detail over time.

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