Episode 6: This Change Becomes WHO WE ARE


It's what happens that single moment when you are sitting in the doctor's office and those words are spoken with an official diagnosis... YOU HAVE...

It's what happens when you completely lose the woman you used to know and become a shell of your former self.

As women with cancer or autoimmune disease or other health challenges...

This change becomes WHO WE ARE.

How much better would your world be if...

You stopped letting everyone else control what you're supposed to do and how you are supposed to feel...

And you start living in that place of being unapologetically you again?

That is what I stand for.

My mission is to give you, the Grateful Warrior, the gift you've had all along. To help you unwrap resilience. And stand in fortitude and strength in the midst of the storm. 

And we will do it by disrupting the old ways that keep people trapped in a broken body.

And we will thrive because of it.

If that's you, then get ready.


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