Episode 12: 3 Things Grateful Warriors Do Differently

Is your life working for you? Are you able and ready to start letting go of what isn't serving you anymore? If you want to be a Grateful Warrior, there are certain things you must do to get there. In this episode, we share 3 of the big ones, and by shifting your focus to them, you will see massive growth not just in your gratitude practice but in pretty much everything in your life.

And oh, PS – I'm not going to mention making gratitude lists anywhere in this episode.


Together we unpack:

  • Let's get serious about why you are here (1:07)
  • What the Grateful Warrior represents (2:38)
  • How you grow with gratitude (5:06)
  • How a Grateful Warrior is programmed differently (6:40)
  • Yes, no, or let it go (7:34)
  • Being a leader in your own life (12:08)
  • External influences affecting your mood (14:31)
  • Knowing when your gratitude practice is working for you (17:31)
  • Avoiding toxic positivity (18:46)


I hope this episode has helped you realize what is and isn't working for you in your journey to becoming a Grateful Warrior and helping you focus on the doing and not the being. If you're serious about breaking out of the grumpy warrior trap, it's time for you to decide the direction in your life. 


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