Episode 13: Stuck in the Middle

Do you find yourself defaulting to the middle to stay comfortable? Or maybe you've chosen to hang out on the fence because it's familiar to you. Honestly, is being stuck in the middle currently serving you?


This episode will be compelling for you if you have been feeling conflicted about the right steps to take with your health and even your life. Maybe you're the type of person who looks around at people who know what to do or the folks who jump right in, and you wonder how they can do that because you are a lot more cautious about your decisions. Maybe you need more time to think through or weigh all of the pros and cons. And perhaps you feel you don't want to decide because of all the what-ifs on the other side.


So, is being stuck in the middle a good or bad thing? The answer is probably not what you expect and might even surprise you. So, let's figure this out.


Together we unpack:

  • Introducing my podcast producer (0:30)
  • The commonality of being in the middle (1:46)
  • Finding safety in the middle (3:16)
  • The sympathetic state of stress after a diagnosis (4:04)
  • An example of how I had to choose a side instead of staying in the middle (5:32)
  • Releasing this episode early, so you don't miss out (8:00)
  • Turning gratitude into who you become instead of something you do (9:43)


I hope this episode has helped give you the courage to leave your comfort zone. If you're serious about breaking out of the grumpy warrior trap and leaving your safety in the middle, it's time for you to decide the direction in your life.


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