Episode 16: Gratitude is a Force of Nature

What do teenage boys, TV dinners, and our thoughts all have in common? If you feel like you are marinating in your own negativity, then listen up! 

This episode is for you if you feel like your negative thoughts are running rampant and you are ready to embrace the force of nature called gratitude.

So how do we fix this? Well, let me show you.


Together we unpack:

  • What happens to fear when you are grateful (0:32)
  • Teenage boys and a state of gross (1:50)
  • How our thoughts are like a rotten TV dinner (3:21)
  • How our brains compare to Velcro and Teflon (4:51)
  • Why gratitude is a force of nature (6:59)
  • Why we have a hard time finding a gratitude practice that sticks (10:04)

I hope this episode has made you realize how critical it is for you to replace fear with abundance through gratitude. If you're serious about stepping off the Gratitude Treadmill, it's time for you to decide the direction in your life. If anything I said resonates with you, your next step is to TAKE THIS FUN 2-MINUTE QUIZ and find out how much gratitude and grit you have. And hit me up on the Insta - let's connect some more! 


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