Episode 18: Why Gratitude isn't Working for You - and What to do Instead

Is your list of reasons why gratitude doesn't work for you longer than your gratitude list itself? Do you feel like you are made of Teflon when trying to get a gratitude practice to stick?


In this episode, I'm sharing the top seven reasons gratitude may not work for you and why you can't get gratitude to stick. This episode is for you if you're experiencing even two of the seven things that I share in this episode, and it's probably time to start flipping gratitude upside down so that it can begin working for you.

How do we get there? Well, let me show you.

Together we unpack:

  • We are officially empty nesters (1:52)
  • Sharing a few disturbing facts (3:05)
  • Our brains are wired for negativity (4:52)
  • We are in a constant state of stress (8:06)
  • Feeling betrayed by our body (10:04)
  • An overflowing plate and an empty cup (14:15)
  • The elephant in the room: mindset (16:20)
  • Using gratitude as your space away from the noise (19:06)
  • Why making a list of three things doesn't work (20:46)


Are you ready to learn a personality-based approach to gratitude to help you start and grow your practice based on your strengths and in a way that sticks from the inside out? If you're serious about stepping off the Gratitude Treadmill, it's time for you to decide the direction in your life. Your next step is to TAKE THIS FUN 2-MINUTE QUIZ and find out how much gratitude and grit you have. And hit me up on the Insta - let's connect some more! 


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