23: You're NOT a Failure

Have you ever viewed yourself as a failure? We all do. You’re not alone.

So why do we dwell on it as such a negative thing? And how can we change from viewing something as a failure to making it our new superpower? I’m going out on a limb, and I am going to challenge conventional thinking around failure. My goal is that by the end of this episode, you can start to think of failure like a Grateful Warrior. This way is to view failure as YOUR path to success, and I’m going to share 5 ways to help you get started.

How do we get there? Well, let me show you.

Highlights from this episode:

  • The words we say too many times to ourselves (2:05)
  • Our brains like to collect negative thoughts (4:29)
  • Perfectionism and society norms (5:19)
  • Choosing your path (9:07)
  • Five ways you can learn from your failures (10:05)
  • Building your fortitude muscle (14:23)
  • Using past challenges to change your brain’s default (15:37)
  • Failure builds character (18:09)
  • Failure allows us to be grateful (19:00)
  • My parting words to my stepson as he left for college (21:21)

Are you ready to learn a personality-based approach to gratitude to help you start and grow your practice based on your strengths and in a way that sticks from the inside out? If you're serious about stepping off the Gratitude Treadmill, it's time for you to decide the direction in your life. Your next step is to TAKE THIS FUN 2-MINUTE QUIZ and learn how much gratitude and grit you have. 


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