26: You Don't Get a Trophy with Your Diagnosis. Or Do You?

How has the participation trophy generation prepared us for these life-altering health challenges like cancer or autoimmune disease? Do we as a society have the fortitude, inner strength, grit, and mental toughness to handle our new life after that diagnosis shatters your world?

You don't get a trophy with your diagnosis. Or do you?

In this episode, we'll look at the ramifications of your mindset as you face these significant health challenges and flip it upside down so that you can become a grateful warrior.

How do we get there? Well, let me show you.

Together we unpack:

  • The new generation of participation trophies (2:05)
  • Best stripe? Really? (4:47)
  • You are not going to be handed a trophy with your diagnosis (6:50)
  • Understanding where you are with your mindset (11:30)
  • The perspective of acceptance (14:13)
  • The perspective of fortitude (15:16)
  • The perspective of gratitude (16:28)

What is your gift? What are your trophy and perspective? Share this podcast and these questions with your bestie to have an accountability partner.

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