FREE Secret Podcast for Professional Women Over 40 Who Want to Ditch Belly Fat NOW:


Discover how to ditch the obstacles preventing you from SUSTAINABLE weight loss, energy, and vitality.


FREE Secret Podcast for Professional Women Over 40:


Discover how to ditch the obstacles holding you back from sustainable energy, weight loss, and vitality.


Is your high-achievement lifestyle clashing with unwanted weight gain, lack of energy, and restless nights?

Have you spent the last 15-20 years doing so much for others, you've taken a back seat in your own life and have completely forgotten what YOU want?


Are you ready for YOUR Comeback Experience?


You know... like in the Rocky movies where you're singing "Gonna Fly Now" as you're running up the 72 steps, and you're at the top, pumping your fists in the air, because you know you have it in you to ACTUALLY do this?

These midlife years are just like going 15 rounds with Apollo Creed.🥊


We're dealing with things like:

▶️ Juggling career, family, aging parents, and community involvement.

▶️ Achieving high levels with our career, but then stagnating.

▶️ Becoming empty nesters.

▶️ Getting divorced.

▶️ Symptoms of peri/menopause.

▶️ Health diagnoses - such as cancer, autoimmune, heart disease, diabetes.


I've been through these challenges myself, and I realized there's more to life than burning the candle at both ends, and living according to everyone else's agenda.




Subscribe and listen to these easy-to-digest podcast episodes on your phone and on the go so that you can create your 🤜ROCKY🤛 inspired comeback experience worthy of an 80's movie montage.

⤵️ PS - You will walk away with your very own assessment of your health as it relates to:

✅ Weight

✅ Energy levels

✅ Sleep

✅ Metabolic health.


AND... when you finish the podcast series, you will have an exclusive opportunity to jump on a LIVE training call, during which I will personally help you develop a game plan to make it happen. 


"The weight around your midsection will never disappear until you address the weight of the world on your shoulders." - Holly Bertone

Your Transformation into the Woman Who Feels Unstoppable Begins... NOW!


✅ Episode 1: R = Rear View Mirror

Understand the cycle that sabotages your health, along with 3 ways to create peace with your past stories, beliefs, and triggers from the past.  


✅ Episode 2: O = Own Your Ship

Discover the power of personal responsibility as it relates to the challenges in our society to make healthy choices a part of your lifestyle. 


✅ Episode 3: C = Create Your Future Self

Understand why you might be stuck in the Perfectionist Trap, how to break out of it by integrating mindset shifts with action steps, and the top 3 strategies you need to become the new, healthier version of yourself.


✅ Episode 4: K = Keep the Vision, Not the View

Discover why it's so important to coexist with stress, and how to create your game plan to be more agile when the setbacks happen and when you don't feel supported.  


✅ Episode 5: Y = Come Back Home to YOU

Walk away with your very own assessment of your health as it relates to energy levels, sleep, metabolic health, and weight. AND... I will personally help you develop a game plan to make it all happen. 

You might be thinking... ok Holly, this all sounds great, but what's a Private Podcast?

Chances are, you're probably familiar with regular podcasts that you listen to on Apple or Spotify (or other platforms). You might even listen to my podcast - Your Midlife Comeback Story.

The difference with a Private Podcast is just that - it's private. You receive a secret code that is unique to you. The general public can't jump on Apple and find this Private Podcast. 

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