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Episode 78: Trust the Vision, Not the View

Aug 11, 2023


When we are going through a difficult time, why is it that all of the difficult stuff seems to hijack our lives? That everywhere we turn, it’s one more thing that goes wrong, it’s one more thing we have to deal with and one more thing that creates frustration, and one more thing that gets us angry or put us into fear? It dominates our mind, even before we open our eyes in the morning and every single thought throughout the day.

You feel like you are in a dark tunnel and there is no light. No way out. And when you do see a light, it’s the train coming right for you. We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.

On today’s episode, we are going to answer the question… how can I shift my focus to something other than all of the heaviness that’s going on in my world?

The answer is powerful, it involves driving on a country road, and I think it’s going to surprise you.


Together, we will unpack:

  • Why do difficult things ALWAYS seem to hijack our lives?
  • How to shift focus away from all of the heaviness.
  • Holly tells us how she survived her first solo wedding after her divorce.
  • Why it's important to hold your vision, not your view.
  • What happens when you view your life through the lens of being sick?


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