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Episode 87: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health with Dr. Sherri

Oct 13, 2023


If I were to ask you to define mental health, how would you define it? What about mental wellness? What about mental illness? Do you feel differently about these words? Do you have different images or ideas that come to mind with each one?

On today’s episode, my guest, Dr. Sherri, is going to help us answer the question… how can we break the stigma of mental health and how can you view and prioritize your own mental health in a different perspective?

The answer is powerful, it involves chipped toenail polish, and I think it’s going to surprise you!

Together, we unpack:

  • Why mental health is so misunderstood.
  • Mental health stigma and its connection to terminology. 
  • How you can choose stress or choose to fix it.
  • How you can empower yourself with mental health awareness.
  • Grief, self-care, and taking action. 
  • Dr. Sherri shares her 7 rules to live by.

Dr. Sherri is a former Clinical Psychologist and thought leader who is redefining mental health. She brings the therapy room to the masses, normalizing our common human experiences and equipping us to thrive in thought, feeling, and action.

Dr. Sherri is a published author and nonprofit founder of Thriving Thoughts Global, an organization whose mission is to redefine mental health and bring awareness to adults on how to enhance their mental, emotional, and relationship health through thought change.

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