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Episode 71: From Failure to Fire

Jun 23, 2023


Have you ever felt like there's something more out there? Like you have this "thing" inside of you that has been nudging and whispering and calling you to do something different in your life and/or your health? You know it's there. You're like... heeeeey... what's up?!?!?

But you've never actually made it happen. 

In this episode, we will answer the question… how do I kindle my fire when I’m afraid of taking those steps to make it happen?

The answer is powerful, it involves oxygen, and I think it’s going to surprise you. 


Together, we will unpack:

  • Holly's recent kickoff keynote speaker experience.
  • Finding motivation and overcoming the fear of failure.
  • Is radical responsibility for your health and life really necessary?
  • The value of being honest with where you are and where you want to be and how that is your key to success.


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Take the Quiz - How Much Gratitude and Grit Do You Have?

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If you're serious about stepping off the Gratitude Treadmill, it's time for you to decide the direction in your life. Your next step is to take this fun 2-minute quiz and find out how much gratitude and grit you have.