Episode 80: Triggered? 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Reaction

 Have you ever wondered how you can be totally fine one minute and the next thing you know… someone does or says something or something happens and boom you are triggered to the point of your emotions taking over your entire body. How you are instantly flooded with anxiety, or the tears come from this guttural place or you can’t think straight, and more often than not, words come out of your mouth that you later regret?

On today’s episode, we are going to answer the question… what does it actually mean to be triggered and what are 5 simple steps to take control of your reaction?

The answer is powerful, it involves a hotel in Kansas, and I think it’s going to surprise you.


Together, we will unpack:

  • 5 simple steps to control your reaction to being triggered.
  • What it does and doesn't mean to be triggered.
  • The inner work of telling oneself the truth for positive changes.
  • The importance of healing a core wound.
  • What to do if you feel yourself getting triggered. 


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