Episode 83: Building Resilience with Luke Layman

When going through a tough time, we tend to try to rush through the process because it’s much better on the other side.  But life will continue to give us the test until we learn the tools we need to get through the rough patches.  What if I told you that experiencing the full range of emotions are the building blocks we need to ace that test?

On today’s episode, my guest, Luke Layman, is going to help us navigate the murky waters of slowing down our healing process and truly finding that place of gratitude and mental resilience.

The answer is powerful; it involves a new way to view the warrior mindset, and I think it’s going to surprise you!

Luke Layman is an entrepreneur, mentor, and host of the Shift Work Podcast. He is an exhilarating guest with a diverse background from being a fighter pilot to a business owner and entrepreneur.  I’ve known Luke personally for about a year now, and he is one of those guys who preaches what he practices and practices what he preaches.

With decades of experience leading high performance and high growth organizations, Luke has cracked the code on how to live with intentional alignment, enjoying all the best that life has to offer while sustainably growing businesses across the globe. He has led multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses as well as leading the highest performing organizations in the United States Air Force.

Amongst his many accolades, he is the recipient of a Combat Action Medal and Single Mission Air Medal for combat operations flown in the A-10 Warthog.  Additionally, Luke is the recipient of multiple business awards included being voted Top 40 under 40 in 2019.

Luke’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Framework is the method which he applies in his own businesses as well as those he invests in.  The pillars for success are coaching high performance mindset by Becoming the Commander, accelerating revenue and profit in his Jet Fuel Sales and Marketing Strategy, and creating leveraged growth systems in the Auto Pilot Method.


Together, we will unpack:

  • Importance of emotional processing and conversation.
  • Acceptance of bad days and the importance of recovery.
  • Building resilience through self-awareness and curiosity.
  • Increasing self-efficacy and shifting mindset.
  • Why do we always seem to struggle with money?!?
  • Specificity in stating problems for effective understanding.
  • Accepting personal responsibility and defining desired outcomes.
  • Luke shares how he built resilience as an Air Force pilot.
  • The challenges of masculine energy and emotional suppression.


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