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Episode 126: Rewind: Failure is the Best Path to Success

Jul 05, 2024


Do you enjoy the failures, the disappointments, and the difficult times? I’m guessing probably not. Most people don’t. Most people don’t wake up and say I can’t wait to be a failure today woo hoo! It doesn’t help that success is pushed so much that “They” say that failure is not an option. Let’s agree to disagree. I actually believe it’s THE BEST option. I believe that failure is THE BEST path to achieving success.

Today, we are going to answer the question… how does failure actually propel your success to even greater levels? 

The answer is powerful, it involves the original Rocky movie… and I think it’s going to surprise you.

Together, we will unpack:

  • How negative thoughts and replaying past failures consume and hinder us.
  • How contrasting experiences bring clarity to our goals and aspirations.
  • Why going through adversity can lead to a negative mindset and a sense of victimhood.
  • The secret to how winners embrace failure as part of their journey without letting it define them.

Mentioned Resources:

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