Episode 43: I've Tried Everything and Nothing Works. This is Why.

Have you ever thought you’ve tried everything and nothing works? It's frustrating to hear your doctor say that your labs are normal or that nothing is wrong with you or when they shrug their shoulders and just give up. If you feel like you've been to every doctor and tried every prescription and protocol, but nothing is moving the needle to improve your health, this episode is for you. In this episode, we uncover what you are supposed to do when you've tried everything and nothing works. The answer is powerful, and it is going to surprise you!


How do we get there? Well, let me show you.


 Together we unpack:

  • I didn’t ask for this to happen. (2:37)
  • The frustrating journey from doctor to doctor. (3:15)
  • Our culture’s expectation of a quick fix. (7:26)
  • What happens when you choose to heal every single day? (9:25)

If you are in that place where you wonder if anything will ever work for you...   if you are eager to raise your hand and be ready to do whatever it takes, I am here to be your coach, your mentor, and your champion who believes in you until you can believe in yourself. Your next step is to TAKE THIS FUN 2-MINUTE QUIZ and find out how much gratitude and grit you have. 


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